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so.. news?

The semester is going fairly well... I've managed to keep up with all 5 english class' assignments. Which is more difficult and still somehow less than I expected. None of it interests me overmuch. I find myself unchallenged and overlooked more often than not. Sadly, most of my classmates come off as complete idiots to me... which makes me feel very guilty for even thinking that way.

Midterms are the week after next and I have all of next week off to write a paper on Frankenstein from a marxist view.. that'll be interesting. My mother and I haven't been fighting nearly as often as we used to..

but anyhow, the "news" is that I'm engaged. Theo asked me on the 16th and I said yes. It was sweet and simple and private... he tried to surprize me but he didn't. I kinda knew or at least expected it because I pestered him to no end over what he was getting me and what this "surprize" was.. but the effort was really really sweet. The band is unusual looking and tasteful. It's not the one we'd talked about but I think I like this one more anyway.

I'm sad tho', because we've reached this kind of point and... it's still over another year before we can move in together. I can't visit him on my break; I won't see him again til the end of the semester (if then :/) and I cannot go to visit him til mid-june. It's a little sad, but I feel it's worth it. I've never had someone who was so devoted to my happiness before and who really finds no fault in me. He makes me laugh and cheers me up and we have a great friendship that the relationship was founded on. I hope.. I hope nothing ever disturbs any of that. We've already had a few ups and downs, but we're doing really well so far.. and I want it to just get better. I never expected to really be in.. this sort of situation. I sort of swore off dating for a long time after Alex and I dated... but I'm happy, and I deserve that happiness and I just wish that... It wasn't so hard to enjoy it. But.. I am happy :P still.. i was bummed cuze no one was really excited for us around here. I called chibi the night of and she was all happy which was nice ^^. Everyone else was like, "oh, okay." -falls on face-




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