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Fair winds blow..?

Not much going on now that I'm back home. I've been playing WoW some and switched to a new server on RO.. Miss nexus sometimes but I *really* don't have the spare time that game requires.. RO and WoW are suitable for causual players as long as you aren't determined to be the richest/best armored/etc asshat. Which I'm not.

This break was the first time theo and I've *really* had a chance to be together since he left. It was an 8 week stay and it was very enjoyable despite most of the time he was at work/school/in transit.. It was sad too because I cried some.. still deeply hurt over what happened with his ex.. and when he saw how deeply it still hurt, he didn't give me a negative reaction or say I needed to get over it.. but that he knew it would take time and how truly sorry he was. He said other things, all the right things.. and that made a world of difference because I could tell he meant it. That and the boy can't lie for shit o_O;.

So now it's even harder to be apart.. one more year minimum.. we're hoping it goes THAT smoothely. I'm thinking about going on to graduate school if I can.. which if I'm going to do I need to start working on it NOW. I think I'm going to go to morgantown.. and to WVU. It's a *huge* school for wv. but I figure their graduate department has to be smaller. I'm going into fiction/childrens literature.. if they still have that as an option. I figure I'd most enjoy writing fantasy and childrens works.. because there are so few really inspiring books for children other than the popular harry potter ones that have been put out lately. The ones I remember as a child are hard to find and it's sad that it's not as much of an art as it used to be.  Also .. I think alot of them are filled with "fluff" young adult fiction is just that: young adult. It really doesn't have to be exclusivly about fashion and clothes and boo boo my boyfriend dumped me. I think that stronger issues should be put in it.. which some authors do, just not enough in my opinion. Maybe I"ll get to do that someday.. we'll see?

My health is doing okay. I seem to still be loosing weight at a steady pace. I managed to do my DDR twice this week.. going for 3 times next week even with all my classes. Spending less time with theo is not good for my emotional well being, but I will handle it like I do everything else :P. The 3 month course of birthcontrol is absolute heaven. NO breakthrough bleeding at ALL so far (thankfully! *knock on wood*). And the worst side effects seem to simply be dizziness and a few cramps. Nothing major at all. I'm actually LESS moody on this stuff than I was on the other type. So I am quite content with that.

Wal-mart's 4$ perscription drugs is also a nice thing. I can get my metformin for that price which is like over 25$ less than what I was paying. For me that's a LOT. I get by on around 100$ a month. O_o; don't ask me how. I have noi idea.

My apartment is too small, but it's really nice and I keep it fairly neat and clean. Better than some college dorm rooms.. well most dorm rooms XD and I NEVER want to stay with 5 college boys again for longer than a week. The amount of mold in that house was enough to make you gag alone...... ;-; dirty boys.

anyhow. I'm off to get grocieries then sit back and play some games and exercise a bit. *hearts*


Jan. 30th, 2007 11:47 pm (UTC)
Re: ^_^
I play on somethign like Shu'halo? i think that's how it's spelled lol. I've got a night elf and a dreanei that I play a lot. Elf - Nycte Draenei Naev. message me sometime :D
Jan. 31st, 2007 12:18 am (UTC)
Re: ^_^
Omg no wai! I play Shu Halo as well! I used to be on Draenor but I just transfered!
Feb. 1st, 2007 02:29 am (UTC)
Re: ^_^
it was so good to see you last night. i dont think i'll be on tonight.. too much home work :/



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